Photo Collage Portrait


Get an Outstanding Collage Portrait from your Photos.

You can upload 1 photo per Person/object to be in the Design. You can also upload a Sample you like to give directions (IMPORTANT: Save it first, then Upload it, don't drag and drop our sample directly from this page or you'll have to reload the page).

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Photo Collage Portrait

Order an outstanding Portrait with your choice of 30 to 50 photos plus 1 photo for the persons in it. We’ll work to organize the Collage and insert your photos as patterns of clothes or melt them in the background.

A great idea to bring your photos to life. This exclusive style was initially developped for an Art gallery in the the Middle East, and now is offered directly to you. Most of the work resides in the background and clothes. We’ll need a very neat main picture for the main face(s), and 30 to 50 photos. If you have special instructions, just leave them in the instruction box.

Considering the number of photos, better send them to us by email (after the order, you will receive an automatic email to which you can reply). We’ll do the rest, and send you a preview as soon as the portrait is ready (allow a few days, as those portraits are very long to make). You will then be able to react freely.





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