Photo Collage Pop Art

Robert Motherwell once said that ‘Collage is the twentieth century’s greatest invention’. Bringing a range of thoughts on a common plane, arranging pictures to create memories; collages are apt media of expressing the unity of events in the diversity of elements.

The Photo collage form of pop art comes to good use, when you have not one, but many pictures for a single frame. Based on any theme that suits your requirements, you can put together pieces of an event, different expressions, different faces or even different places. The possibilities are endless and can get as creative as you wish.

Compile all your digital photos into a single picture or tell the whole story about your relationship within a single frame through this form of pop art. Wedding collages, birthday collages, anniversary or nature collages are some good options can be considered.

Photo collages at Personal Art are greatly inspired by the works of Andy Warhol and use simple detailing with bright colours. In this segment too, we bring an array of variations that include the classic photo collage, crystallized photo collage and other variations. So, let us not delay you further. Check out our range of styles and choose what you like.

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Showing all 10 results