Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I upload my photos ?

You can upload your photo once you have chosen a style. Drag and drop your photos in the Upload Box, or browse the files on your computer disk or your photos on your phone.

If you like a sample more than the others, please save it first, and then upload it the same way you did for your photos. This will give us directions to make your artwork.

Is my photo neat enough ?

The general rule is the neater the photo, the better the portrait. Also a big original file will be better than a reduced picture, even if it looks good on your screen. Our artists work on enlarged portraits, and cannot guess the real features of the faces if they are not present on your photo (for a portrait, check if you can see the eye-lashes for instance). If your picture is not neat enough, we will write to you.

Can I get an immediate proof ?

NOT WITH US ! A good portrait or collage takes time. There is nothing automatic in our procedure. We will send you a first preview as soon as the designer has finished it, and you will be able to react freely to it and ask for changes if you want . We aim at sending you a preview within 48 hours, but sometimes our studio is overcharged and it can be longer.

What is the standard turnaround ?

It takes between 2 day and 6 generally, for you to approve of a preview, then 8 days for the delivery, so between 10 days and 14, with an average of 12 days.

Can we go faster ?

Yes, we can. Tell us about your deadline, and we’ll rush. If necessary, order only a Digital File and get your canvas printed at a professional printer’s in your area. If you order a Canvas print for a birthday gift, and it cannot be delivered on the birthday date, we would send you a gift card with the portrait or the collage inserted in it, that you can print on paper and offer… 2 gifts instead of 1!

Where can I pay ?

You are asked to pay when approving your order. Please check our Refund and Cancellation Policy.

Can I ask for a custom-made background ?

Yes, you can, even if it is not proposed for the style. But we will have to charge you the equivalent of the price of 1 extra face. For some styles, it represents a lot of work. If you want it so, just add 1 to the number of faces/objects/animals, when you order.

Can you do other styles than those showed in your Website ?

Yes, we can. But you have to define what you want, generally with a sample picture. Use our CONTACT page to explain what you want, or send an email to, and we will come back with a proposition.

Can you do sizes in inches ? Standard A4,A3 ???

Yes, we can. The print price would be the same as for the immediately superior size. If you want A3, for instance, we would charge the same amount as for a 30 x 45 cm

What’s a Digital File ?

It’s a file that we issue and send to you by email. With this high resolution file, you will be able to print by yourself (at a professional printer’s in your area, or with another canvas print provider on the web). A good solution if you are in a hurry, and also as a complement to your canvas print, if you want to save the original image on your computer.

What’s your deadline for Christmas Gifts ?

For deliveries in UK, we would recommend to order before Dec. 5th. Before Christmas, we are used to working more, and 7 days a week.


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